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mobile paper shredding truckMobile Shred Incorporated is the solid choice to safeguard your personal and corporate assets.  We have earned the confidence of thousands of customers since 1998 with fast, convenient and secure document shredding.  Whether you call the process on-site shredding, document destruction, paper shredding, office document destruction, off-site shredding, office records destruction or shredding, Mobile Shred has the secure processes to protect you and your customers from identity theft and/or misuse of confidential information.


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How to Minimize Your Risk of Smartphone Hacking

Your smartphone may be vulnerable to would-be hackers, and you may not ever know it. Hackers will attempt to gain access to your email, your password, your contacts, even your photos. And if you use your smartphone for work, hackers could also try to gain company intelligence from your mobile phone. According to a CNBC articl...[Read More]

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